FBM Metals are the UK’s Largest Secondary Zinc Processor

FBM Metals (UK) Ltd was established in 1975 as a trading company dealing in various non-ferrous base metals. Since then it has specialised in trading & processing zinc secondaries in all forms, with long term contracts in Europe, USA, Canada, S.Africa, S.E Asia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.


FBM is the UK’s biggest purchaser of Hot-Dip Galvanizing residues and works closely with its customer base on environmental & safety compliance.  FBM also trades in various grades of secondary Zinc residues including; Dusts, Oxides, Skimmings, Fines, Drosses & Spent Catalysts.

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Processing & Recycling

FBM is the UK’s largest processor of secondary Zinc residues. All material, whether UK sourced or from overseas, is processed, conditioned and positioned to specific markets to ensure the maximum recovery of Zinc and therefore value of the material.

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Environmentally Friendly

FBM is permitted to handle a wide range of secondary Zinc material including hazardous wastes. Through various processing techniques, FBM is able to recover waste which would have been previously sent to landfill, realising serious environmental benefits in the process.

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