Zinc Processing

Zinc Processing

FBM is the UK’s biggest purchaser of Hot-Dip Galvanizing residues, including; Hard Spelter (Dross), Ash / Skimmings, Scrapings, Sweepings, Pot Bottom & Chippings.  FBM also works very closely with it’s customer base and the Galvanizers Association on the environmental and safety compliance associated with the handling on transporting zinc secondary materials.

Whilst having well established relationships in the galvanizing industry, FBM also purchases numerous materials from other processes, which include:

  • Zinc Dust Producers
  • Zinc Sulphate Producers
  • Zinc Alloy Producers
  • Diecast Producers
  • Flue Dusts
  • Various Zinc Drosses
  • Spent Catalysts
  • Filter Cakes
  • EAF Dust
  • Zinc Powders
  • Zinc Blowings
  • Zinc Fines

Member of the UK Galvanizers Association www.galvanizing.org.uk

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